Wednesday, 29 June 2011

25 before I am 25

So this little "project" of mine was inspired by the lovely Emma Robertson, who followed Meghan Smith 
They both put together a list - 28 Things to do before I turn 28!! and 25 Things to do before I turn 25! These girls are both incredibly talented and I am blown away with their work.  I really aspire to create like they have, so I thought it was bold, fun, and such a great way to challenge myself as well!!

SO... as I sat down to write my list - 25 Things to do before I turn 25... I realized that I will be turning 25 pretty soon! ( September 29 2011) 
So, I better get a move on eh? I am really excited about a lot of things on it :) 
Whether it be tackling stuff that has been weighing me down, leaping into a new creative direction, or to just down right have some fun... 
Ill keep you updated and post pictures as I cross things off - to celebrate! Cheers to accomplishing this list and becoming a better person while doing it.

1. Get a Drivers License
2. Design a paper card/stationary line - For a wedding invitations company I would like to start
3. Learn more graphic design - expand my blog!
4. Start a new Interior Design Project5. Have an Art Show - With my FAVORITE Pieces
6. Invest in a Grown-Up Sofa/Sectional7. Book a Trip with Brandon8. Paint & illustrate more
9. Create a better studio space for me to work in :) (and be focused in!)
10. Learn how to carve rubber stamps
11. Get a Passport
12. Take Tap lessons - can't wait.
13. Ride my bike to Sidney
14. Have 25 - 50% of my Visa paid off 
15. Run 10k !!!!!!
16. Go on an adventure with my BEST GIRL FRIENDS
17. Spend a weekend away with my Mom
18. Go to Portland
19. Write a Design article for a Magazine or another Blog
20. Plan me and Brando's 2 Year Anniversary
21. Learn how to make bread - Mmmmm....
22. Drive Up-Island
23. Take more photos - with my new camera I haven't played with yet.. 
24. Become more independent 
25. Love myself more :)

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