Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

I fell in love with post from the glitter guide!  I am always wanting to hang a gallery wall from all the art I am continuing to collect along my way and each piece is differen't obviously as my taste is forever changing (and I know I'm not the only one!) So here's some tips from the pro's

Pay Attention to Size: If I’m doing a mix of sizes, I start with the largest piece first and work out. One thing that people always seem to do is put too much space between photographs and sketches. Think of it as a puzzle, but keep in mind that larger, bolder pieces need “breathing room” to emphasize the dramatic effect created by the art. Frames need to be similar — not necessarily in texture, but in color. You wouldn’t necessarily mix solid golds and silvers, but some pieces may have tiny flecks of each that allow you to make a bridge between both hues.
Practice First: For a large group or gallery, it’s often best to start by practicing your layout on the floor before you begin to mess with the walls. Don’t try to be exact or you’ll drive yourself nuts! In many cases, a tape measure will be your best friend to achieve consistency.
Change it Up: As the mood strikes to change your artwork, remember: putty fills a hole in the wall. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake!

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