Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dreaming in Small Spaces

Unity can be the key to successful small-space design and furnishing. It is important to think about your home as a whole rather than approaching each area individually.  As you want to expand spaces into one another opposed to chopping them up with different themes. 
In a small space try avoiding central or overhead lights wherever possible. A single overhead light can cause glare and cast shadows into corners, which makes rooms feel even smaller.  Make use of all the natural light available, as it pours life into a space. 
This Gorgeous room is a perfect example of keeping it simple.  Toning down the clutter whenever possible makes a massive difference.  A clutter free space allows your thoughts to breath and lets you relax soooooo much easier..... and I could defiantly relax here no questions asked.  
Do not be tempted to opt for very small-scale pieces that might not deliver the basic comfort and practicality you need.  A living room needs to be lived in and something that "fits" might not always be the answer.   Recently Gus* Modern  announced a fantastic new line called, Loft Series,  each piece is scaled down and can conform easily to smaller spaces. 

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