Sunday, 27 March 2011

Go Go Gehry

beekman tower/ new york by gehry' by frank gehry, manhattan, new york
images courtesy of frank gehry

frank gehry's first ever residential structure is now complete. Located in manhattan, 
the unit entitled 'new york by gehry' (formally known as 'beekman tower'), is the 
tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere. 

Standing 870 feet tall, the building looks to reinterpret the classic design language 
with a tower that alters and impacts the dense city skyline. 
the exterior facade looks like it is being blown by the wind !?!

undulating panels of stainless steel clad the structure, creating a dynamic exterior
that transforms with light as the day progresses. the unit - with gehry's iconic use
of form and material - has a sense of constant movement.. 

Gehry is my design "Godfather", I think I can say that ??
enjoy your sunday

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