Saturday, 12 March 2011

Subtle Golden Rules

There are soooo many thing's I envy in this space!  The soft colour palette, the fine touches of elegance, the vintage pieces mixed with the new, the Ochre's Arctic Pear Chandelier makes my heart skips a beat. Heart palpitations and weak knees - good design has a way of doing that to me.
The subtle repetition of the round chandelier and table with rounded back chairs is just so appealing, your eye dances across the room! The low back sofa leaves the sight lines open and effectively defines the living and dining areas...
The over sized mirror allows the chandelier to take stage as they both compliment each others elegance.  I also really like that they chose to have a minimalist modern table that blends perfectly into the the fireplace and again into the frame of the mirror. Brilliant!
A vintage ceiling is always one of my favourite surprises in old buildings
Another great lighting choice in the kitchen - Clean, Simple, Love them! I also love the warm flooring selection, and how it has been installed linear.. the rooms move gracefully into one another. 
Nothing more to say than:  b e a u t i f u l ... I hope you can enjoy this just as much as I do, xo K


  1. Kris!!! Your blog looks great! I just tweeted the link... you should get on twitter if you aren't already... check out design sponge, you will love her! Congrats! Karen


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