Monday, 28 March 2011

Try This at Home!

When I was in school, I made a light structure very similar to this fantastic wooden hanger, my light structure however was lost amidst the school system and who really knows where it is now.. I do remember I liked it a lot!! and now I am thrilled to make another one, but with a twist! adding hooks is such a great idea!  

Go ahead and make a wooden hanger that you can use in different ways and you will discover how easy it is to build

Recipe for the wooden hanger:

* 3 wooden poles heigh 70"ish each
* 10 screws
* leather thread
* screwdriver
* saw
* a couple of hooks

The first thing you do is to cut the ends of the poles in angles which are appropriate for the hanger to stand on the floor properly once it is put together. You do this with a saw.

The next thing you do is that you hold the 3 poles together about 15" from the top and you screw them together with a screwdriver. You might need help from another person when you do this. The distances between the bottom of the poles should be around 20"

Once the poles are together you simply wind the leather thread over the screw marks to cover them. And the last thing you do is to screw in the hooks on the wood where desired.


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