Monday, 2 May 2011

Eclectic Love

Why I love it?? Because it has a special touch... Living in a city where condo's are more and more popular it's hard to break away from making the interior design look like every other cookie cutter home around.  It is also hard to find a happy medium to a minimal, eclectic look, but this Scottish designer has achieved a perfect balance. 
Choosing a soft white to paint the walls is easy and settling to live in and can allow for a mix-match sofa to be the center of attention with out looking out of place.  Try to match other colors through tones and finishes in the room to tie everything in.
One of my all time favorite designer pieces is a Risom Chair, the clean lines can adapt to any style.
Choosing art is tricky and can be very expensive too..  To achieve an eclectic look choose something that you really like, and try not to simply fill the void but rather layer pieces that compliment each other to create visual interest.
xo K

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