Saturday, 26 November 2011

For the Love of Design

So to be honest.. from time to time I find myself fumbling away on blog after blog, reading articles and following links and the route ends up being quite windy.  I then stumble upon a blog from a far away land in a completely different language... However they are STILL speaking my language through images,  and I still fall in love with the design // Even though I can't read a single word on the page.  Today I found this beautiful article, I wish I could embellish the home and it's owners.. But for these reasons you now know of; Please just appreciate its beauty as I do.  Cheers. 
Beautiful juxtaposition between the indoors and out 
The dark palette is dramatic and industrial where the colourful mix match Eames chairs play on the overall mood of the room.  I quite enjoy it
love love love the tile!
notice the vintage cupboard doors and radiator.. such added character 

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