Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lust Worthy

Falling head over heals for these canary yellow side chairs, they have lured me in and captured the precise design I swoon for.   Allow yourself to wander around the room and you will notice the other little guy sleeping in the room.. Frenchies are the best!!  My french bulldog is always within eyesight 
Every piece in this home has been so finely selected, it even comes across as collected, like this gorgeous sideboard.  I love that, when a room doesn't look like a one stop shop 
This gorgeous piece of art allows the scale the room to balance, a great replacement for a traditional headboard.  


  1. Love it!!! I especially love the sideboard, and use of black. The black drapes and window trim are so sophisticated.

  2. Oh yes those yellow chairs are incredible!


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