Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lavish Tails

Well my dear readers, as you may have noticed I have been quite distant as of lately... But as of the new year I am back at it! Sometimes life just get's busier than expected and at the end of the day there just isn's enough time to go around! However no need for excuses! Because I love love love The Bare Room and I am excited to spend more time to make it better for you guys! xoox

Yesterday I picked out a Christmas tree and boy! Did it put me in the spirit!  Beyond all the blogs I've read that are spilling with Christmas posts!  Along the way I found these to die for pet beds from Lavish Tails and I cannot begin to explain how excited I was!  What a fabulous gift for your pet lover!  They are quite the luxurious gift so only for those very special loved ones...

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