Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  May your's be filled with love, fun, friends, family, puppies and inspiring design!!! 
 Are you a Goal Setter ? 
I am the type that loves to set goals.. but they are usually for me, myself and, I 
Where as if you put your goal out on display... you have a little more integrity to hold up.. 
Love this list of goals! 
Made by a fabulous blog, a beautiful mess, which always inspires me!  Elise's 27 before 28 goal list is a must follow.. as setting your own personal goals is by far one of the healthiest things to do for yourself!  After I read this some time ago, I set a list of 25 before I am 25.  It went well!  Some of my goals were a little far fetched, I wrote that I wanted to learn how to carve rubber stamps!  I must of pulled that out of a random hat because it never came to life.... Perhaps I should try again this year! 

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