Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lust Worthy Interior

Not too often do I feel myself leap out of chair for a kitchen, however this particular Portland home has me falling head over heals! Perhaps it is the Ochre chandelier or juxtaposition of fabulous tile and natural wood and historic structural elements that I am a sucker for.. Beyond that I believe it is the overall incredible design by Jessica Helgerson.  Her portfolio has me utterly stunned!  You must check it out as, it has raised the bar for my lust worthy interior designers
Even the living space has a layered eclectic mood to it, also notice the clever custom storage 
beneath the seating! 
This custom sideboard has been lifted, allowing your eye to travel beneath it giving the illusion as if it is floating instead of being a heavy piece as one would expect.
Down to the gorgeous bathroom, I am coveting the counter to ceiling mirror which meets with warm dark wood paneling accenting the stained concrete floors. I am also a huge fun of the vintage fixtures! A wonderful touch!  Every detail has been thought through and through! 

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