Monday, 25 March 2013

Currently Coveting

A modern post and beam designed home, I believe, is one of the most gorgeous styles of building.  This Canadian converted barn is strikingly gorgeous!  Who would have thought a barn would evolve into something this beautiful!? There is a well balance of white through-out that is brought to life with large windows and doors that are is so bright and refreshing.  Being a west coast Canadian girl, I lust for a warm wood aesthetic like shown here. But this just may be the be all and end all..
Of course there has to be a nice new modern kitchen. But I am in love with the mosaic marble wall tile!
The grand fireplace centres the whole room, while visually expanding your eyes upward to the open floor above.  
The open beams create so much texture within the space it allows all of the other furnishings to take on a much softer and calmer appeal.  

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