Sunday, 21 April 2013

Thoughts for a Sunday

I love this occupation - as many may have noticed myself missing in action this week.  I have been completely immersed in my day to day work.  And loving it.  Having studied Interior Design at a young age I find myself pushing my own boundaries, finding out truly what I am personally seeking to accomplish.  An exploration that ultimately comes down to my own truths.  Perhaps this is a bit deep for The Bare Room, however this exploration of personal success is fascinating me right now and I can't help but say it out loud! That's the thing about design, it can harbour never ending inspiration!
Take this home just outside of Italy, to me it is like a refuge of raw elements and textures that make up a honed colour palette I just can't look away from! I am in love with it! 
Succulents are so hip right now and I must admit.. I fall guilty for this pleasure as well.
My eye instantly follows the height of the room towards this impressive ceiling. The wood texture creates so much drama as it balances the concrete floors (that would typically be conceived as cold) just beautifully!!  (not to mention in this climate a cool floor and open window must quite desirable) 
I also love the choice of this over sized structured pendant! It continues this essence of clean lines through out while the rest of the dropped task lighting falls out of sight.

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