Wednesday, 29 May 2013

San Giorgio

EST magazine has me good with this Bohemian luxury.  Hotel San Giorgio in Mykonos must be one of the most beautiful and ultimate 'design hotels' in my books, my jaw has literally hit the floor. 
The space wears the organic look like a glove; While the white washed walls and marble floors reflect Mykonos architecture seamlessly. The sense of simplicity and design harmony has been accomplished beautifully and brought together in a way that you transition from space to space with ease. If I could just drop everything and place myself there, I would be on cloud nine! 

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  1. Amazing! Looks so effortless! Love the big wicker light fixtures

  2. Lovely Pictures! I would love to visit this hotel. Looks are fantastic, Thanks for the share.

  3. Definitely I have to go in Mykonos at this amazing hotel, this photos made me wish my holiday sooner

  4. It looks very stylish but still looking casual

  5. So peaceful. All those natural elements in one room. I love it!


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