Monday, 16 January 2012

Style with a Conscience

Hi guys Emily here, contributing a post:
I’ve recently been trying to find ways to be more socially conscious in my daily life. And the thought occurred to me, why not start with the small things, the things I love? Start buying locally or fair-trade, begin conversations with people about social change, world issues.  What’s a better conversation starter than a great, statement piece of fashion? I stumbled upon THIS great piece a while ago when I discovered a friend from LA was working for this amazing organization called Falling Whistles. (Check out their story here.) Essentially, Falling Whistles is an non-profit organization that uses one item, a whistle, as a statement of protest, to promote peace and aid in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I got one for myself, and a couple other’s as gifts this past Christmas and can’t seem to find an occasion NOT to wear it. I was surprised to find how many people have commented on it since I started wearing it. It feels great to be spending money on something that not only looks great with everything, but has a conscience, has a purpose. Check it out for yourself and see what small ways each of us can make a big impact on the world around us. 
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