Tuesday, 28 February 2012


A fabulous post by one of my most sought after bloggers today Si, from French by Design posted here
I am always so in love with Scandinavian design and I can always find it on her blog. 

I also started following her on pinterest to see even more of her style for frequently!  I know there are a lot of negative clouds around floating pinterest these days in the press, and I can understand why.  In the bloggers world you hold up an integrity of ensuring to link back to the your source because down the line someone put a lot of thought and hard work into what you may be sharing on the internet and somehow Pinterest just misses a beat in that process a lot of the time.  As an Interior Design, Artist and lover of design I only want to due my part to ensure you guys are aware about giving credit back to those due and not to rant and go on but with the sudden rise in popularity on Pinterest, everyone has to understand that someone did something right when they took that picture you are sharing. I am even more interested in pinterest these days!  Give me a follow!
Photos Debi Treloar - Styling Hans Blomquist

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