Friday, 10 May 2013

Joint Editorial

 Have I ever told you just how much I want to go to Portland ? Well this space sums up all my reasons why...  A space that has obviously been well thought out from rafters to concrete in this stunning warehouse conversion, the new home of the post-production facility, Joint Editorial. Architecturally designed by Armin Quilici of Vallaster Corl Architects, the team at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design took over the finishing touches, creating a very warm and welcoming workspace.  I would kill to work on a design project like this - lustful thinking ??

1 comment:

  1. it is the absolute perfect mix between clean modern lines, and a rough wooden edginess. it would probably be a great melding of mine and my husband's tastes. i'm keeping these pics in my house inspiration folder!

    also i just went to portland for the first time and i just about died and went to heaven. 1. the STATIONERY stores!! and 2. the contemporary museum of craft. i've always worked in art galleries but i can't believe i didn't know there could be something which is a cross between an art and craft gallery. LOVE!


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