Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mood Board

I have taken a moment to step away and push forward with my working life the past week or so here - and needed a little mood board to pull me back into the swing of things here on The Bare Room.  And I tell you every time I come back to the blog - I get the same feeling of how much I love it and exactly why I keep blogging.  The Bare Room constantly inspires me and is ultimately the place where I stop and exhale all the design the is spinning in my mind.  Particularly the first house found here, has resonated with me.. The maximum amount of open glass overtop of a cascading desert like landscape with light coming in through every moment of the day, certainly sweeps me away. Not to mention I feel as though it would found so far away it becomes completely secluded.  The furniture is light and lifted away from the floor, leaving nothing but exposed surfaces. 

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